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About 3rd Planet

3rd Planet applies the latest Web3D technology to reenact tourism attractions in simulated reality. We will be officially online in 2014 to provide users with experiences where they will be able to create, gain insight and communicate in the truest sense of reality. 3rd Planet can be accessed through PC, tablet, smartphone and IPTV.

Features of 3rd Planet

1.Verisimilitude Scenes:Real environmental audio restored to provide a visually and acoustically realistic worldwide travel experience;

2.Smart Interaction:Interact with various scenes and animals; customize your viewing emphasis and perspective;

3.Diversified Information:History documentaries and more are embedded into 3D scenes to provide in-depth and comprehensive engagement to the past and culture;

4.High Speed Viewing:Although an Interactive 3D media platform, 3rd Planet provides a smooth viewing experience.

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