Wulao Peak of Lushan







Wulao Peak of Lushan

Wulao Peaks are located in the crest of the southeastern side of Mount Lushan. They became famous as one of China's highest peaks at 1,436 meters above sea-level with stunning views overlooking Poyang Lake. "Wulao" translates into Chinese as Five Masters and the peaks are five distinct ridges connected together creating the Wulao Peaks. People have interpreted the shape of the peaks differently: some say they resemble five soldiers singing, some other say it appears to be five men fishing, and there are also some say they are five men sitting and discussing matters. Of the five peaks, the fourth one along is the highest and towers over the rest. The rich forests which cover the mountains offer tourist hours of exploration, scaling the mountains crags and getting lost in its gullies and caves. It is said that Li Bai, the most famous poet in ancient China, used to live in seclusion behind the Wulao Peaks, which adds much poetic romance to the area.








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