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Temple of Heaven




Temple of Heaven

Constructed in 1420, the Temple of Heaven is the greatest among the 4 Temples in Beijing (Heaven, Earth, Sun and Moon), and the largest and best-preserved architecture complex for ancient sacrificial rituals. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Emperors used to host rituals here to offer sacrifices, praying for harvest, rain and prosperity. Consisting of the Praying for Harvest Altar in the north and the Circular Mound Altar in the south, the Temple is renowned for exuberating Chinese traditional implications and symbols in every brick and wood. The Echo Wall, the Heart of Heaven and the Triple Echo Stones are among the best that utilize acoustic architectonics, which makes it not only superior aesthetically, but also more fun. By now the Temple has become a world-famous grand park that integrates Chinese ancient architectural, acoustical, historical, astronomical and musical achievements.


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