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Yellow Crane Tower




Yellow Crane

Standing aloft Sheshan Mountain, Wuchang, Hubei Province, the Yellow Crane Tower is one of the esteemed “3 greatest towers in the south”. It was built by Sun Quan in the era of Three Kingdoms for military defensive purposes. Gradually, it had became a famous tourist destination by the Tang Dynasty, attracting countless poets and men of literature who left many classic works universally praised, among which Cui Hao’s lament that “Old friend has left riding on a yellow crane, and the tower is all that remains” became the most iconic. Although burned down many times, the Tower has been repeatedly rebuilt, resolutely still standing. The current version was built in 1981 according to architecture in the Qing Dynasty, shaped like a crane ready to take flight. It’s grand and magnificent, but also elegant, exquisite with a changeful lasting appeal and sense of aesthetics.


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