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平遥古城位于山西省中部平遥县,始建于西周宣王时期(公元前827—782年),是一座距今有2700多年历史的文化名城,与四川阆中、云南丽江、安徽歙县并称为“保存最为完整的四大古城”。 自公元前221年中国实行“郡县制”以来,平遥一直是作为“县治”的所在地,延续至今,这是中国最基层的一级城市。现在保存的古城墙是明洪武三年(公元1370年)扩建时的原状,城内现存六大寺庙建筑群和县衙署、市楼等历代古建筑均是原来的实物,城内有大小街巷100多条,还是原来的历史形态。


Ping Yao Ancient City

Located in Pingyao County in central Shanxi Province, the Pingyao Ancient City is a 2,700-year-old historic and cultural town constructed in 827-782 BC. Ever since the system of prefectures and counties was established in 221 BC, Pingyao has been where the county government is located. The old town walls are still preserved today as they were built in 1370 during the Ming Dynasty, so are the six temple complexes, as well as county courts and other architectures. There are more than 100 streets in the city, still looking exactly as they were hundreds of years ago. In 19th century, Pingyao City was the most financially flourishing place, most notably being the founding of the exchange shop named Rishengchang, a milestone in China’s history of finance business. During the 100 years of financial prosperity, Pingyao made significant contributions to China’s economic development.


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